2-way Bitcoin ATMs


Cryptocurrency is the main trend in 2018 year. Statistics of the number of digital wallets’ owners show tremendous growth. Consequently the demand for bitcoin ATMs is increasing every day.

Two way bitcoin ATM is the most requested type of bitcoin terminals among COVAULT’s clients. This solution supports both the transactions of purchase and sale of cryptocurrency. All operations are carried out in the shortest time in the same location.

We offer three models of two way bitcoin ATMs. Each model has its unique strengths and advantages and equipped with:

  • Best-in-class bill dispenser in self-checkout system;
  • State of art high security 4-way bill acceptor.

Our powerful and sophisticated proprietary intelligence system gives users access to monitor transactions’ statistics, AML/KYC compliance, condition of terminals.

You can find more information about each 2 way bitcoin ATM on this page Terminals. Have a question? Fill out the form Contact Us or reach us by email [email protected]