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BITCOVAULT is a proven platform technology company with our own proprietary Bitcoin ATM Machines Manufacturing and Intelligence Software.

We provide cryptocurrency businesses and retail outlets with solutions offering cutting edge Bitcoin terminals, software and a reliable back-end experience.

All buyers of our Crypto ATMs become partners receiving bespoke attention offering our industry’s expertise, hints, secrets and resources.

Hardware and Security

Ergonomically sleek and Smart Design with several color options to choose from

Easy to install with safety option to bolt ATM to the floor

MEI Bill Acceptor with 1200 bill capacity AND Fujitsu Bill Dispenser
with 1000 bill capacity

17’-19’ Touch Screen options

Custom Thermal Printer that prints QR Code receipts for your customers

Built with robust steel material weighing approx. 235 lb.

Designed for secure cash access through Double Panel entry equipped with electronic Audit Lock

Simple access for First Line maintenance personnel

The most advanced webcam available

Ergonomically sleek and Smart Design with choice of several colors to choose.

Easy to install with option to bolt Kiosk on floor for safety.

MEI Bill Acceptor with 1200 Bill Capacity Fujitsu Bill Dispenser
2 cassettes with 500 bills capacity

17’-19’ Touch Screen

Custom Thermal Printer to print out Receipt with QR Code.

Made of robust steel material weighing approx. 235 lb.

Designed for secured cash access through Double Panel entry equipped with electronic audit Lock.

Easy access for First line maintenance personnel.

The most advanced webcam.

State-of-the-art software with reliable back-end access

Custom Thermal Printer prints QR Code Receipts

Powerful and customizable Dashboard for Operation, Compliance Officer, and Technical Team

Easy user transactions and friendly Interface

Comprehensive statistics and reports

Linux Operating System

Online monitoring of all ATM components

AML and KYC Regulations included, allowing virtually all components to be covered for Cryptocurrency Business operators

Customer photos, OTP, online name and address check verification, online OFAC list verification, ability to verify 3500 identification types from 150 countries, face recognition, masked face recognition, stop-list verification, and criminal record cross checking abilities

iPad and PC versions of the software

no ATM needed

And most importantly, connect all BITCOVAULT products into one complete ecosystem

Total number of system transactions


Total number of ATMs sold


Advantages of our system

Real-time Face recognition and ID matching using our state-of-the-art technology

Multiple Cryptocurrencies offered on a single platform with the option to add any coin or token from any exchange

The software can easily work on a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or smartphone

Pawnshops can provide crypto collateral loans using multiple currencies

FAQs on bitcoin ATMs

With proper operational management, Bitcoin ATM machines are profitable businesses. As one of the outperforming financial assets, bitcoin has been a significant element in the past decade in the world of finance. For this singular reason, the purchase and trading of this all-time-high digital currency remain profitable through its volatility. For the majority of BTC ATM operators, operators, the average break-even period is between three to six months after launching the business. The Crypto ATM profit calculator has more information. What is more, the crypto ATM market was valued at USD 63.8 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to grow up to USD 864 billion till 2027, so there is plenty of opportunity for development in this business.

Understanding ways to make money through Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM operators recover their principal and make a continuous profit through the combination of the following money-making routes

  • Surcharges from transactions

    The fee deduction from every direct transaction on the user's ledger is the surcharge fee. Bitcoin ATM operators can earn as high as 4% of their profit margin from one single transaction surcharge.

  • Bitcoin Location

    Bitcoin ATM location is an important factor when it comes to deploying your BTC ATM. A properly placed Bitcoin kiosk in an area that records high foot traffic can make an average of $30,000 monthly in transaction volume. By this figure, a bitcoin ATM operator could earn about $3,000 in gross monthly profit. The Bitcoin ATM Location is a very important factor to consider when setting up a new bitcoin ATM business.

  • Commission Fees

    The commission fee is another way that Bitcoin terminal operators can make money. Bitcoin ATM users can pay as high as 10% on every crypto asset purchase and up to 6% for each sale via BTM.

    Advantages of Bitcovault Bitcoin ATMs purchase?

    Bitcovault provides an array of crypto ATM software that fits all models of Bitcoin ATM manufacturers. Bitcovault property intelligence software is compatible with all provided Bitcoin ATMs for sale and their auxiliary machines. What's more, our crypto software works on older banking operating ATMs after upgrades.

    For our services, we charge a fair 1% for all transactions on the machine where we have our software. This transaction cost depends on the contract agreement.

The cost of a bitcoin ATM purchase depends on several features that the ATM possesses. For as low as $5,000, you could own a Bitcoin ATM. On the other side, buying Bitcoin ATMs could cost as high as $14,500. While this expensive Bitcoin ATM will have more features, its cost also depends on the Bitcoin ATM manufacturer. It is important to note that used Bitcoin ATMs is cheaper than new machines.

A Bitcoin ATM machine that supports two-way operation will cost more than a Bitcoin Machine that only allows one-way operation. Interestingly, the Bitcovault BTC ATM is a top-of-the-line machine that offers flexibility and reliability through its software services.

When it comes to AML/KYC with an infusion of data analysis, you can trust Bitcovault property intelligence software to take care of business for you. Furthermore, Bitcovault Bitcoin ATMs costs between the $5699 and $8599 range. It also includes free shipping in the North America region. You can find all the available Bitcovault ATM options at Crypto ATM online store page.

It all starts by selecting a company that manufactures and distributes Bitcoin ATMs for sale. After ascertaining the model, you can proceed to adding that machine to your cart to initiate the purchase request. Bitcovault is proudly the first online distributor of crypto ATMs. Next, complete your AML/KYC registration requirement on if you are in the USA. Securing your bitcoin supply before your bitcoin kiosk’s deployment is important. Finally, you need to have periodic service cash at hand.

There are several producers who manufacture Bitcoin ATM machines for sale. Selecting the right crypto machine for your business is no simple task. Bitcovault ATM manufacturing is a brand that you can trust to deliver superior Bitcoin ATMs for your business. We provide better customer services, flexible and reliable Bitcoin ATMs with its superior software to suit your business needs.

One thing you can trust Bitcovault ATM manufacturing company for is its vast experience in manufacturing and deploying banking and payment software machines. We provide a great advantage to our customers by providing a flexible cooperation terms that favors their purchasing plans. You can peruse more on our offering via our About Us page.

We cater well to BTM operators that require start-up support for its smooth operation. Below are some of the actions you are sure to enjoy from us:

  • Full support for buying and deploying your BTM to the location you prefer
  • Superior software compatible with many Bitcoin ATMs
  • Flexible hardware that is adjustable to suit customer’s needs

Owning your own bitcoin ATM is possible. For full service placement, you will encounter less operation issues when you entrust your BTC kiosk deployment to Bitcovault. Before you buy a BTC ATM, you need to research the regulations and partner up with a friendly crypto bank. Proceed to set up your hot wallet while deploying your BTM kiosk to a high foot area. To learn more about all issues of bitcoin ATM ownership, follow the link.

The BTM fee depends on the ATM maker and the software that it operates. Averagely, these figures can vary between 1-2% and 5-8% depending on your selection. Bitcovault levies a 1% - 1.5% charge on transactions for customers they provide software services. This rate is one of the lowest rates in the bitcoin ATM business.

Bitcoin ATM owners earn their profit through different options. They earn their commission via transaction volume on their Bitcoin ATM. With a minimum of 10 transactions, Bitcoin ATM owners could get a $25 profit. This income potential for a single BTM could result to a $450 - $750 average daily revenue generation. Because Bitcoin is a highly-sorted financial asset, Bitcoin ATMs makes more money than traditional ATM operators (you can read more here as the world now prefers the digital currency investment option.

A rough estimate of the total number of bitcoin terminals in the USA is about 48,000 units. Where North America still holds the most bitcoin ATMs with about 24,000 bitcoin ATMs, this is a testament of wide adoption of crypto assets.

Your documentation is an important part of owning a bitcoin ATM. To complete your personalized solution, you need to fill out a host location questionnaire via the Bitcovault official website. You can visit our Contact us page to find out more. As far as your space is in the United States, we will deliver your Bitcoin ATM to the spot you prefer at no extra cost. We also deliver to other locations and regions such as El Salvador, Mexico, Spain, Australia, etc. Click this link for more information and inquiry.

Yes, it is a profitable business. As a Bitcoin ATM operator, you could earn up to $3,000 monthly in commission on a $30,000 crypto transaction through your Bitcoin Machine.

Cashless payment across geographical locations in record time is the new normal. For traditional banks that require some period for verification and confirmation before completing a transaction. However, crypto and its underlying blockchain take care of that by providing quick verifiable transaction in seconds. For this reason, it is the go-to mode of transaction for millennials, GenZs, and all who prefer a quicker transaction option. From recent data, Bitcoin ATMs businesses are growing 3X faster.

Bitcoin ATM business cost depends on the physical hardware and software choices of the business owner. The average rate is between $10,000 and $20,000. To get more information on how to start a BTM business, you can follow the link to read more. In addition, you can read more on the prices for our cryptocurrency ATMs on the store page. This page contains information on all our ATM models.

Researching and understanding the market you wish to enter is very important. Having an understanding of your competition and possible threats is crucial for getting a good lead and market share of the profitable Bitcoin ATM market. To kick-start your crypto ATM business, you need to first create a legal entity for your business. You can proceed to raise funds for your business through:

  • Lending platforms
  • DeFi lending platforms
  • Loans from credit unions
  • Business partner funding

Having a business with adequate financial backing guarantees the success of such a business to some degree. If you do not have funds to start your business but have a solid plan, send us your inquiry and we will see how we can work together.

Your average Bitcoin ATM can hold between $5,000 and $20,000 in liquidity at a go. On a rotating basis, Bitcoin ATMs may require a weekly $2,000 each cash deposit to maintain BTC liquidity.

Yes, Bitcoin ATMs are safe. With your private key, it is impossible for a hacker to access your bitcoin wallet. For safety purposes, Bitcoin ATM operators use cold wallets. This is to ensure they have another extra layer of offline security to prevent their private key from being anywhere online. A BTC kiosk operator needs to upgrade their machine’s firmware to ensure user protection and business transaction safety from outside interference.

There are several Bitcoin ATM builders with notable Bitcoin ATM hardware. Choosing between the available Bitcoin ATM options is not a simple task. Manufacturing BTMs requires some level of skills, reliability of the product, and overall after-sales support for customers. Bitcovault has its BTMs in over 350 different locations in the US market alone since it began operation in 2016. The official list of BTMs is available on Coinatmradar.

An LLC is one of the useful business requirements that you may want to get when starting your business. While it is not compulsory, it is more of a convenient entity for legal businesses. Since you are an individual who wishes to start a BTM business, you can contact us at Bitcovault with comprehensive documentation to kick-start your business. Because of the financial risks common to BTM businesses, personal liability protection is important to keep you safe and provide tax options.

Yes, you can track your bitcoin ATM. Because of the high business losses that your BTM business could face, it is advisable to install trackers on your BTM. Bitcoin ATM operators record an average of $4.5 million in theft from criminals annually. Criminals load up their BTMs and cart them away with them in their trucks. For better security and tracking, you can use a tracking device to reduce the possibility of this happening to your business. You can also include real-time attack notifications for instantaneous alerts.

The locations below are some spots you can consider placing your BTM:

  • Hotels
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Banks
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Credit unions and financial institutions
  • Gas stations
  • Festival grounds and event centers
  • Groceries stores

You can find more recommendations and reasons to consider when picking the best spots for your BTMs when you read our crypto ATMs location guide.

BTM operations are legal as far as it has valid registration with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). The Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) is an act that BTM businesses must comply with to continue to operate.

Yes, you can get cash from some BTM. They allow their users to convert BTC to USD when they access their wallet via the BTM.

Bitcoin ATM requires power to function. If there is no backup power like an uninterrupted power supply (UPS), your bitcoin ATM will shut down ultimately.

Bitcoin ATMs can either provide a one-way or two-way operation. While some BTMs allow just selling BTC and other crypto assets to its users, others allow for buying and selling operation. To buy Bitcoin from a BTM, you can feed in cash to the BTM to receive the equivalent in your wallet.

Yes, it is legal to buy and sell Bitcoins in ATMs in the U.S. among several other countries around the world.

A Bitcoin Kiosk is a similar representation of most traditional ATMs. BTC Kiosk is a terminal that allows users to process their financial transactions using fiat and cryptocurrencies, it is a crypto purchasing and selling device. A Bitcoin kiosk is useful for purchasing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies or debit card payment options. Most of the available Bitcoin kiosks allow for bi-directional functionality, allowing for both the buying and selling of Bitcoin.

How do you use a Bitcoin ATM?

A Bitcoin Kiosk is easy to use. With the steps below, you can use your preferred bitcoin atm to send or withdraw cash seamlessly.

  • Create an account with the particular bitcoin atm you choose to use
  • Have a crypto wallet to store your cryptocurrencies
  • From your preferred bitcoin atm location finder, find a bitcoin kiosk preferable to you
  • Enter your bitcoin wallet address on the machine to initiate your transaction
  • To buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, insert your cash to exchange for equivalent crypto
  • Get your receipt when your transaction is complete.

Bitcoin sales are made easier by using an automated teller machine. This standalone electric machine provides the terminal necessary for its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. While some Bitcoin kiosks only buy and sell Bitcoin, other BTMs allow the exchange of other cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin ATM business in the USA to gain more adoption among certain demographics. Choosing between a used bitcoin ATM for sale and a new one for your business should depend on certain criteria. Used bitcoin vending machines are cheaper to obtain and set up in comparison to new bitcoin ATMs. However, new Bitcoin terminals may come with new and improved features that the used kiosks may not have in their configuration. The choice between used bitcoin teller machines and new bitcoin ATMs for sale depends majorly on their use cases.

Bitcoin ATMs fall under the same law governing payment services. Financial regulation and laws on bitcoin ATMs vary from state to state. One of the laws that the financial authorities have across all states concerns acquiring a money transmitter license. US regulations are stricter with this license, while other states are more relaxed.

Transmitter licenses have some common requirements before Bitcoin ATM operators can obtain them. The common requirement include

  • Business application that clearly states tax number, social security number of operator, and business address, among other important information
  • Prompt payment of license fees for crypto terminals
  • Security guarantees such as surety bond
  • Meeting or exceeding the minimum net worth requirement of a particular state
  • Clean background check

Bitcoin ATMs are terminals where users can exchange their cash for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ATM operators prefer to place their BTMs in high-traffic and consumer-accessible locations. ATM routes are money-generating channels as they generate thousands of dollars for their owners through the fees associated with the ATMs. Most of the time, it is easier to go for bitcoin ATM routes for sale than to start from scratch.

Cheap Bitcoin Kiosks are usually BTMs that are usually old models or refurbished for use. They are great for starting your Bitcoin ATM business if you have low capital. Unfortunately, they may require more frequent machine maintenance in comparison to new ones. For new bitcoin ATM operators, cheap BTC kiosks offer more friendly bitcoin ATM prices than new ones.

The big difference between bitcoin atm manufacturers in the US is the type of BTM production they offer. While some only allow for a one-way transaction type, other bitcoin machine makers allow a bitcoin to cash and cash to bitcoin service. Bitcoin machines' production time also differs between different Bitcoin ATM manufacturers in the US.

Bitcoin ATM operators need to take note when they are about to buy and sell bitcoin kiosks for their operation. One major difference to note is the possible operation of the Bitcoin ATM they are purchasing. A one-way bitcoin kiosk only allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies. A two-way Bitcoin ATM allows its users to buy and sell crypto in exchange for cash.

It is important to sit down and compose how your firm will operate before swiping into action. To compose a great Bitcoin ATM business plan, you should start by considering all the relevant costs and expenses. You can do the same estimation for your target market. In this mix, consider and select a company name. Most importantly, choose a business model for your Bitcoin ATM operation.

How to Operate a Bitcoin ATM Business?

  • With your business plan, you can approach Bitcovault to choose and buy your preferred Bitcoin ATM
  • If you are in the US, you need to register and fulfill AML/KYC requirements
  • Setup and secure a steady bitcoin supply
  • Choose and deploy your Bitcoin ATM to your ready-to-operate location
  • Serve and maintain cash in your BTM

If you are wondering how to get into the bitcoin ATM business, the above business and operation plan are the fundamentals to setting up your business.

Bitcovault is among the top Bitcoin ATM suppliers in the American region. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer-focused delivery and deployment of Bitcoin ATMs according to their specifications. Other popular BTM suppliers that you should know about include Bitcoin Depot, Coin Cloud, Bitcoin of America, and Bitstop, among several others.

Bitcovault is among the top Bitcoin ATM suppliers in the American region. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer-focused delivery and deployment of Bitcoin ATMs according to their specifications. Other popular BTM suppliers that you should know about include Bitcoin Depot, Coin Cloud, Bitcoin of America, and Bitstop, among several others.

Yes, you can open a Bitcoin ATM business in your country. On Bitcovault, we have local pages dedicated to providing all the information you need for this purpose. To learn more about how you can open a bitcoin ATM business in your country, read more about countries where Bitcovault operates.


The information in Bitcovault FAQ is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Each person has their own unique financial situation, products and services described here may not be suitable for you personally. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular financial assets or cryptocurrency.

All information provided in this FAQ is accurate and true to the best of our knowledge, was checked with the editor of Bitcovault and is based on our experience and open sources of information on the internet.

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