Do bitcoin ATMs give cash?

Is it possible to withdraw cash dollars from a bitcoin ATM - probably one of the most popular questions we hear from our users. The main function of a bitcoin terminal is to exchange dollars into bitcoins - that is, in this machine you can insert dollars and get bitcoins or other cryptocurrency supported by the terminal into your electronic crypto wallet.

But not all ATMs will allow you to withdraw cash dollars in exchange for cryptocurrency. An ATM must have a two-way exchange function to do this. In general, you can convert your bitcoin into cash at a bitcoin ATM, not all bitcoin ATMs have the ability to sell cryptocurrency, to withdraw cash at a bitcoin terminal, you must already have a crypto wallet with a positive bitcoin balance from which you can transfer cryptocurrency funds to the right address for exchange.

Crypto ATMs are an opportunity to build a great profitable business.

Crypto terminals are not only convenient for people, you can quickly buy or sell cryptocurrency in them.

But it is also a modern, technological and very profitable business based on cryptocurrency, but at the same time due to its specifics, owning such a business, you are in the safe zone, and you can not worry about the jumps in the bitcoin rate, because you earn not on the difference in rates, as traders, but take a commission for exchange operations. According to the estimates of different operators on the market it can be from 5 to 20 percent, depending on the commission of the direction of the exchange.

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