How much does a Bitcoin ATM charge per $100?

If you wanted to know the fee that is charged per 100$ when you make a transaction of Bitcoin in a Bitcoin terminal, generally Bitcoin ATM fees would be roughly $8 - $20 on average, and if you are lucky you can find fees of $4. But all these rates of fees depend on the location of the Bitcoin ATM, the time of day and operator of the terminal. This information was collected by the Bitcovault team according to open information in the market and our own data, as of May 2022.

Where to buy Bitcoin ATMs?

There are many different companies in the market that sell Bitcoin terminals. At Bitcovault you can buy equipment and software for starting a bitcoin ATMs business worldwide, and in the US you can receive your Bitcoin terminals at best terms. We are proud to mention that Bitcovault hardware and software allows you to customize the level of fees for cryptocurrency exchange transactions that you consider reasonable for your business.