Is there a limit on Bitcoin ATMs?

Typically, the currency limit on Bitcoin ATMs averages between $2,500 and $8,000. There are crypto ATMs where the limit can be less than $2,500, and this is primarily due to the Bitcoin ATM's load at a given time. The second thing that determines the cash limits you can get from an ATM is the equipment itself - the bitcoin terminal, which limits vary depending on the manufacturer. If you look at the U.S. bitcoin exchange ATM market, in May 2022, there are manufacturers here who claim limits of more than $8,000, but that information is unconfirmed.

What are the cash withdrawal limits for Bitcovault ATMs?

Bitcovault makes reliable and flexible bitcoin ATMs, and their cash withdrawal limits are among the highest in the industry - $8,000. With high cash limits, the future owner of a new Bitcoin ATM business gets a great opportunity to save on operating and maintenance costs, as the higher the limit of the ATM, the less often it needs to be refilled. And if you decide to buy a 2 way ATM for Bitcoin exchange, then your benefit will be even greater - because such ATMs not only work for selling bitcoins but also for buying bitcoins, in the process of which the ATM is replenished with cash from the user, and accordingly, when properly optimizing the terminal, you can replenish it with cash much less frequently.