How do I use a Bitcoin ATM?

How do I use a Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin terminals are usually located at gas stations, grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants. Using a bitcoin ATM, you can quickly and easily exchange cryptocurrency for dollars or vice versa. The most popular direction of exchange is buying bitcoins for dollars.

Bitcoin ATMs allow you to buy bitcoins for cash. And if it's an ATM with a 2-way exchange, you can also sell bitcoins and get cash dollars from it. Using an ATM to buy cryptocurrencies is very simple, to do this you need to find the nearest terminal through a virtual card, for example, here.

Next, choose which cryptocurrency you want to buy, enter address data and your data to transfer cryptocurrency to your account (usually it is a crypto wallet account or crypto exchange account), deposit the required amount in dollars for the transaction, and then get a receipt of transaction and wait for crypto funds crediting. If you want to get dollars for bitcoins, the process goes in the opposite direction, you choose the amount to exchange bitcoins, enter the necessary data in the terminal and after the exchange you get dollars in cash.

Crypto ATMs can become your profitable business

Crypto ATMs are not only a convenient way to exchange money to and from cryptocurrency, it is also a great and profitable business in which you can make good money. According to crypto market operators, ATMs, depending on the setup, bring in 5 to 20 percent profit per transaction. If you want to start your own profitable crypto ATM business, contact the Bitcovault team.