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First step is to ask yourself a few questions about the location where you are going to place a bitcoin ATM: Do you have customers interested in a bitcoin ATM location nearest you?

Do you have at least 150 or more people traffic a day?

If your answers are positive, so you are ready for the next step - to choose a bitcoin ATM that will allow you to make profit with little or no effort.

There is a wide range of bitcoin ATM suppliers available on the market. If you intend to buy a bitcoin ATM, it is very complicated to choose a bitcoin ATM that will suit all your requirements. The principal advice whenever you choose a bitcoin ATM – look at the providers, who have at least one or even better several locations with bitcoin machines installed and running. Be careful, as in numerous businesses in Bitcoin industry, there are many unfair suppliers trying to involve new comers or the very risky people into various scam schemes.

Technical characteristics of a BTM

COVAULT company has more than 100 bitcoin ATMs installed and has earned the reputation of a reliable and responsible supplier. COVAULT’s specialists present bitcoin ATMs and software, allowing to organize the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as well as the organization of cryptocurrency pawnshops. COVAULT’s recommendations: when choosing a supplier, to pay attention, whether its terminals are equipped with the following components and have the following features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Innovativeness and reliability
  • Super fast transactions
  • Up to 2500 bills capacity
  • HD Camera
  • Touch Screen Monitor
  • Battery back-up
  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Fingerprint Scanner
  • Cash dispensing
  • Cash recycling
Choosing a terminal in this package (e.g. as COVAULT proposes) or the similar one, you will ensure reliable and full-fledged operation of your business, give customers access to the maximum set of services and make the transaction process as safe and secure as possible, thereby facilitating the subsequent loyalty of customers and increasing the profits of your business. BTM’s software When thinking about how to choose a bitcoin ATM, you should notice that besides the terminals’ physical characteristics, it is worth paying attention to what is inside the machine. COVAULT company is the US-famous as a producer of a great software instrument that facilitates transactions for customers, analyze statistics reports, generate leads and combine all COVAULT’s software products into one system. The main advantages of the COVAULT software are: Support multiple currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, etc) for buying/selling, for pledge in a cryptopawnshop. The ability to quickly integrate new currencies. Support multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and Hot Wallet systems. The powerful identification system for AML compliance. Integration with various scoring systems to check customer’s information. The reporting system, included data on the profitability of bitcoin ATM points, cost-effectiveness, volatility of the course, data on selected customers. The powerful system for online monitoring of bitcoin ATM's work in the back office, demonstrating the technical condition of devices and financial indicator. Automated SMS sending to technical personnel in the event of problems with bitcoin ATM devices (bill acceptor, printer, dispenser, etc.) The customizable dashboard system with various KPI for top-managers, compliance officers, technical staff.

Unique, modern, intuitive interface for the end customer.

Multilingual capability and support of any currency both for acceptance and for withdrawals.

Extensive customization options available upon request.

Back-end is adapted for computers, tablets and smartphones. You can monitor your business online 24/7 from anywhere.

COVAULT’s specialists are always ready to customize the unique solutions under development to specific requirements depending on the region or country, as they have high competence in the development of highly loaded, scalable solutions in the areas of blockchain technologies and digital wallet systems.

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